Digital, Social, Mobile ... by design

UPrush - is a new consultancy created by Darren Cairns with the sole aim of bringing advanced Digital, Social, Mobile & Gaming Consulting services to you and your business.  


Think you can talk to your audience in the same way as you've done for the last few years? With new digital channels, tight budgets and even tighter headcount, UPrush can help you get the best out of your marketing team or agency and address these new audiences in a consistent and efficient way.  


Starting with your goals and objectives, UPrush will help you deliver a vision, plan and roadmap using new and emerging digital channels that grow your business.  Whether you are an established brand, a start-up or a creative/digital/PR company (which are not mutually exclusive these days) you could benefit from some real insight on how you can leverage the combined power of digital, social, mobile, location-based, gamified marketing to present a consistent consumer growth plan. 

UPrush - who are we?

UPrush comes with a wealth of experience launching new and emerging online channels, successfully navigating challenges such as digital fragmentation, mobile web and app discovery, crisis management in social media and social architecture.  Having managed the Digital division of PlayStation for EMEA, rolled out services across Europe for Yahoo! and launched the 3 brand in the UK online and below the line, Darren has experience right at the very edge of emergent consumer behaviour and technology.


Darren is dedicated to strengthening your company's brand and proximity to it's customer. We provide creative solutions to your acquisition, retention and engagement plans, increasing your company's presence in the eyes of it's adoring public.  It's not just about saying it, it's about actually doing it and Darren brings to UPrush over 15 years experience in delivering real customer growth and taking businesses through digital transformation.


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