Find out how UPrush can help you business

Brands such as PlayStation, 3, Yahoo! and BT have benefitted from Darren's vast experience in driving digital growth and engagement - all backed by sound strategy, planning and visioning.

Uprush - For Brands

Digital Transformation & Strategy

It is simply not good enough today to let your brand and product grow its digital presence organically.  Many brands have not invested enough time, effort and thinking time in planning growth 'by design'.  We have many years experience in transforming some on the largest brands in Europe and building digital teams, strategy and presence for strong, relevant user growth.  Let us help you make sense of it all from our wealth of experience.


Social Integration

Social architecture is a challenge that many brands will face in developing their social presence.  Put simply, this is the way your social media properties could and should interact with each other online, removing duplication, fragmented audiences and brand/comms inconsistency. Find out more from us today.


Mobile strategy and development

It's not just about iOS and Google Play apps - while they can be integral parts of your marketing mix having a well thought mobile strategy is so much more.  Where do your customers search spontaneuously for information about your products and services?  You got it, most goal-oriented searches are being driven by mobile.  Google search, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter have all seen (and driven) an explosion in mobile use - plan mobile 'by design' and place it firmly at the centre of your future-facing world.  From apps to mobile web optimisation, we can help.  Find out more from us today.



Sorry for the buzzword, but we can help you harness the power of using simple game mechanics to motivate consumers, spark social conversation and drive loyalty. Find out more from us today

UPrush - For Agencies

We can provide consultancy services to:-


- deliver more client-centric pitches

- research emergent consumer behaviour and match it to emergent technology

- inform, guide and retain your existing business


Retention of existing business is so often forgotten in the drive to win new client business and keeping your existing base (and let's face it cash-cow) happy and informed about future developments affecting them will retain the business and keep repitches from the door.  Remember on average it's 7 times less expensive to retain an existing customer than acquire a new one. Find out more from us today

UPrush - for Start-ups

The Marketing Dept

Often businesses in start-up phase are bootstrapping and have little time and resource for planning marketing and structured growth through communications.  We have experience working with start-ups and VCs in consulting on everything from starting up Marketing departments to providing strategy, rules, processes and suppliers.


The Guidance

Use our best practice guidelines to get off on the right foot.  Or simply let us help you verify and build your marketing plan.


Don't reinvent the wheel - you haven't got the time!

You don't need to start from scratch - speak to people who have done it before and are experienced in the field of building and growing digital tech businesses.  Find out more today.